All About Zumba & Balance with Stability – live and Virtual

Adrianne, our Zumba instructor, brings you in person Zumba each Tuesday night.
She has also turned to technology to bring you the  Zoom Balance. on Fridays.


What is zumba?  .

Watch a video of one  .
of the Tuesday   .
evening classes ===>

(This film was made in fall of 2019 prior
to the pandemic.)

Press the play arrow for a look at a class.

Tuesday Zumba*

Tuesday Zoom Zumba starts @ 6  PM.
To join in person, come to the
church campus and park in the west
parking lot behind Gisler Hall.

Adrianne is a certified, paid instructor and is paid from your
donations for both the in-person and on-line sessions.

A suggested donation of $4 per session will provide
for her stipend if nine people make the suggested donation.

Send your donation or drop it off at
Surf City Church
2721 Delaware Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

*The Tuesday Zumba Zoom Meeting will help you keep your “temple” in good working order:  The Zumba sessions will go about 50 minutes and follow this pattern:
warmup, zumba-dance, and cool down.

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