We encourage people to gather to worship. While doing so, we provide social distancing space, check temperatures, and have masks for individuals. Show that you care: Face  covering recommendations.
If you are unable to join us for Sunday worship, you may send your tithes and gifts to the church office at 2721 Delaware Street, HB 92648. You may also come by and drop them in the office mail slot.

South District Superintendent:
Sandra K. Olewin
South District News

Bishop Hagiyas:
Briefing on COVID-19 (1/8/2022)


Urgent: Scout Settlement Revised.

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16 January 2022.

Check your email on Saturdays for a link to the Live Stream.

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 Zumba is now back in session on Tuesdays with social distancing. We start at 6 PM. Please come a few minutes early to sign in (needed by health department incase of a Covid infection).

Balance & Stability class is a Zoom class from 10-10:50 AM Contact the office via email for information.