All About Zumba & Balance with Stability – live and Virtual

Adrianna, our Zumba instructor, has turned to technology to bring you the best of both worlds (dancing and exercising) by bringing you Zoom Zumba and Zoom Balance. Both classes will take place via Zoom*.

The Tuesday Zumba Zoom Meeting will help you keep your “temple” in good working order:  The Zumba sessions will go about 50 minutes and follow this pattern: warmup, zumba-dance, and cool down. Adrianne also has a virtual Balance and Stability class on Saturdays. There is a warm up followed by various balance and stability exercises with the session concluding with a cool down activity.


Start your week with a 11 AM Balance and Stability
class via Zoom Meeting
(the physical meeting would
be at Landmark if it were on site).

Meeting ID: 849 8252 2530
Passcode: scanhealth

Tuesday Zumba*

Tuesday Zoom Zumba starts @ 6  PM.
To join in person,
come to our campus in Gisler Hall). To join using Zoom, use this link:

Meeting ID: 849 7106 7538
Password: zumbatues

 *If you would like to support these online sessions with a suggested
$4 per session donation,  just put
“for Zumba” in the memo space
and send your check to

Surf City Church
2721 Delaware Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

What is zumba?  .

Watch a video of one  .
of the Tuesday   .
evening classes ===>

(This film was made in fall of 2019.)

*The suggested donation contributes to the utilities and stipend for Adrianna.

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