To book an appointment click on this link: <>.
Appointments are now available through April 12.
We will file both your federal and state returns.

Can we prepare and file your 2021 tax return?

  1. Check our Scope sheet to see if your tax return is permitted under the IRS Tax-Aide directives. In addition,
    it is your responsibility to have the necessary proof of identity and essential documents to bring with you to your appointment.
  2. Please take a minute to read the “Taxpayer Information and Responsibilities” and note the checklist of documents we will need in order to complete your return.

An AARP tax envelope with the intake form and
instructions for organizing your tax forms
are available at the Senior Center in the Park
on Goldenwest Street at the front desk.

Organizing your paperwork for your tax appointment:

  1. complete the Intake/interview sheet
  2. bring ID/Social Security  information
  3. bring last year’s tax return

Organize your papers. These worksheets may be helpful:

Itemized deduction worksheet.
(check to see if your 2020 return has Schedule A)

Self Employed/Schedule C worksheet.

Education Credit worksheet.

Economic Impact worksheet.

If you are not able to obtain the Intake/Interview form at the senior center

you may download and print a form using this link.

Please complete the first four pages or the Intake/Interview form and sign and date the last three pages
(if you have questions about these last three pages, speak with you tax counselor at the beginning of your tax appointment).

If you are filing a joint review with a disabled spouse
or are filing a return for a relative
you will need a durable Power of Attorney form (POA).

Power of Attorney for tax forms (IRS form 2848)

These need to be notarized prior to your appointment.
Search the web for other POA forms.

Federal tax Free File: if you do not have an appointment, you may want to click here for the IRS  Free File available for 2021 returns.
You may also file your California tax return with CalFile:
Click here for the California’s CalFile, a free tax filing web site.